About the Association

The Morningside Neighborhood Association (MNA) is a volunteer-led neighborhood organization and MN nonprofit corporation. 

Our Mission

The mission of the MNA is to promote a better community through group action, to promote involvement in decisions made by local government, and to represent the interests of all residents and property owners in the Morningside neighborhood of Edina.

How was the MNA formed?

The MNA was formed at a neighborhood meeting in November 2003. Prior the meeting, volunteers distributed the meeting notice to each Morningside address. About 65 neighbors attended the meeting, voting unanimously to form the association, adopt the proposed bylaws as revised at the meeting, and elect 15 neighbors to the MNA steering committee.

What does the MNA do?

The MNA helps to keep neighbors connected and informed about issues of interest to the neighborhood. We do this through flyers delivered three to five times each year by volunteers, the email distribution list, MNA website, posts on Nextdoor.com, social events such as Neighborhood Night Out in August, the Winter Party in January or February, and the annual meeting in October. For an idea of MNA activities over the years, please see this timeline.


Although the MNA is a neighborhood-based organization, with membership open to every resident and property owner age 18 and over in Morningside, the MNA does not represent that it speaks for the neighborhood or for every individual in the neighborhood. The MNA may present the views of members and others who have participated in MNA meetings, surveys, or otherwise shared their opinion with us.

Who leads THE MNA?

The MNA is led by a steering committee, elected each year at the annual meeting. Almost 40 Morningside residents have served on the MNA steering committee over the years. Election to the MNA steering committee is open to all Morningside residents or property owners age 18 and over.

HOW is the MNA funded?

The MNA is funded by member donations. To make a donation, please email edina.morningside@gmail.com for information. Please note, donations to the MNA are not tax deductible. You can also search for edina.morningside@gmail.com in Venmo, to make a donation via that app, if you have it on your phone/device.