Volunteer Information

The MNA is a volunteer-led organization. MNA volunteers have discovered the value of building community through participation in MNA activities.

How can I get more involved in MNA?

Whether you have a few minutes or hours to give, we encourage you to participate in one or more of the following ways:

  • become an active member by signing up for the MNA email list and attending MNA meetings and events;
  • serve on the steering committee or a subcommittee;
  • help out at an MNA event;
  • deliver flyers to homes on your street; and/or
  • make an in-kind or financial contribution. 

How does someone become a member?

Membership in the MNA is automatic for all Morningside residents and property owners age 18 and over. There are no dues and no requirements to be on the membership list to participate in MNA meetings and events. Members may sign up for the MNA email list to receive news and updates on issues of interest to the neighborhood. To sign up, email your name and address to edina.morningside@gmail.com.


When does the MNA steering committee meet?

The MNA steering committee meets monthly or as needed, at a date/time that works for most MNA steering committee members. MNA members may attend steering committee meetings. To find out when the MNA steering committee meets next, email us at edina.morningside@gmail.com.

Who should I contact about a neighborhood concern?

Free free to contact the MNA steering committee about your neighborhood concern. The MNA steering committee may be able to:

  • share information on the topic with you;
  • put you in touch with other neighbors who share your concern;
  • put you in touch with the appropriate person to contact at City Hall or the school district about your concern; or
  • share information about the concern via the neighborhood email distribution list.

You may also share a neighborhood concern at the MNA annual meeting for discussion.

Please report any concern related to public safety directly to the Edina Police Department. Call 911 if it is an emergency or 952-826-1600 for a non-emergency.