Update on aviation noise

There’s more airport noise in Morningside’s future: the Metropolitan Airports Commission has released its latest 20-year development plan, which details a projected increase in annual flights from 412,000 to 511,000. (The StarTribune article can be found here.) With this growth, the 60 dB “DNL” airport noise contours (used to determine who is eligible for noise-mitigation funds) extend over Lake Harriet almost to France Avenue. (For an explanation of how the DNL contour is calculated, and why it underestimates the real-life impact of jets roaring overhead, visit the MSP Fair Skies web site. MSP Fair Skies describes the DNL formula as “a logarithmic average of an average of a series of adjusted projections.”) Overall, the area defined by the contours is almost 60 percent larger by 2035.